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My passion is supporting you in gaining the courage and wisdom to be more true to yourself than you ever dreamed possible, and, as a result, live a life you LOVE while making the difference you were born to make in the world!
I look forward to working with you to create the perfect future that is your calling.

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Are You Longing to Make a Living Doing What You Love?

As your partner, mentor, coach and trainer, I combine my 25 year background in personal & business coaching, all the personal and business lessons I have learned from launching several of my own successful businesses.  In addition, I will share all of the proven strategies I have used as a successful online marketer, plus, each step and skill it takes to help you clarify and fully step into doing what you love to live your soul’s highest calling.

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Mary Giuliani LIVE is all about the conversation of transformation.  I interview different transformational thought leaders each week in order to help viewers glean nuggets of wisdom that they can take action on in their day to day lives in order to realize their deepest desires and highest callings.

What people are saying…

“All aspects of my life have changed. I have never felt such serene happiness, and I am always looking forward to each class. I have achieved better self-care, higher self-esteem, a beautiful calmness inside, and more money. It’s inspiring and comforting to be around like-minded supportive people in a very safe and loving environment. It’s exciting to see what the other students have manifested, which inspires you even more to stick with it, because it really does work. I attended every class and am going back for more.
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“This has been a truly life-changing class for me. A number of people have told me how much happier and more positive I seem. I know that I feel better and my life is going much more smoothly now. This is really a training ground on how to think more positively, and life improvements seem to naturally flow from this. It’s invaluable to have a place to come to each week that encourages this kind of growth; it has really helped me stay motivated and on track.  I was a student of Law of Attraction before this class, but I had questions that I couldn’t quite figure out on my own. This class has helped me to clarify so many things; and from that clarity, I’m able to move ahead more easily. Mary is a great teacher and facilitator! The discussions are great, and I so appreciate the perspectives and insights from each person in the group.  It’s great to be in a supportive, like-minded group of people like this.”
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“A family friend recommended the “Mastering The Law Of Attraction” class. I had no idea how much the class would change my life! I have achieved a level of prosperity and happiness unimaginable in such a short period of time. By the use of the processes and techniques that we discuss each week, I am now able to have the life I want.  I now love my job (and nothing has changed at my place of employment). I am now more prosperous and have acquired awesome relationships with new friends, old friends, and family. I recommend this class to EVERYONE! Mary’s comprehensive yet casual approach to teaching “Mastering The Law Of Attraction”has changed my life forever.”
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“Within just three months of attending the Mastering the Law of Attraction Processes classes, my life has really changed! I feel more in control and capable of transforming my dreams into reality within my current lifetime. My purpose for living has expanded, and opportunities are now coming to me rather than me needing to search for them. I also feel a strong sense of happiness when I attend each class, and I look forward to attending more classes very soon! It feels so great being around “like minded people. My sincere Thanks!
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I no longer feel like a victim and will no longer wear others heavy feelings. I am me, I am free. Mary, plus all the wonderful people in our group, got me there. I thank all of you and was so happy to hear from others personal examples . . . how they were changing their lives. We all have our issues. Now, we have come to realize that we can use those to point us in the right direction of flowing downstream effortlessly! May we continue our friendship and bond. I am looking forward to many manifestations in my “new” life.
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We’ve put together a few places for you to explore.  Please take your time and learn more about Mary Giuliani Live, Mary the Coach and the services she offers.  Reach out if you feel the connection and want to move forward with living the life you’ve dreamed of.


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Breaking through the “hows” has been so transformational and life changing for me, that I feel compelled to share with you how to get unstuck, moving forward, to do what you love, make the money you need to make, while making the difference you want to make in the world.  Let’s work together to gain the clarity you need to transform your life into something you love.  Start by Signing Up for our Weekly Newsletter Here


We all have blind spots.   When you don’t allow yourself to receive the support from an objective, trained coach who is actually living her highest calling, you risk endless, costly loops of trial and error, vs. working with someone who has already climbed the mountain and who can be a trusted guide saving you time, money and giving you the best chance at success.  TAKE THE STEPS TO FOLLOW YOUR CALLING – START NOW!


We host a live talk show every Wednesday at 7PM PST.   The talk show is filled with inspirational stories and people who are living their calling and want to encourage you to live yours.  Join Us and take part in this amazing this community.


No time to watch the Mary Giuliani Live Transformational Talk Show?  Grab a cup of coffee and and sit back and relax while you watch some amazing people talk about their life’s calling and transformational stories filled with inspiration in our archives, Click Here for Mary Giuliani Live Talk Show Archives.


I handle everything from live streaming the show, recording it, transitioning from you speaking to a split screen to bring in one or more guests by video into your show that are located anywhere in the world.  In addition I will manage and moderate live chat from YOUR viewers anywhere in the world from Facebook Live, YouTube Live and your own website’s messaging and chat applications.

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