How To Be True To Yourself

You Can Learn To Be True To Yourself and
Live Your Highest Calling!

My passion is supporting you in gaining the courage and wisdom to be more true to yourself than you ever dreamed possible, and, as a result, live a life you LOVE while making the difference you were born to make in the world!

One of the most powerful lessons that I have learned over the years is that it is was only after I became true to myself that I was able to tap into who I really was and then gain clarity about what I was authentically called to contribute to the world. 

Therefore, it is only when we honor our authenticity in every area of our life that we can live our highest calling and finally experience the meaning and fulfillment we’ve been longing for.

Learning How To Be True to Yourself

Many cultures teach women that if we are to put our needs before others or if we are true to ourselves that we will be judged as selfish.  If we don’t question these cultural expectations, we either judge ourselves when we put our needs first, or we end up putting everyone else on our “to do” list but ourselves.   We then may wonder why our lives lack the meaning and fulfillment that we so long for.

We must fill our cups first.  When our cups are full, we have something worthwhile to give. When our cups are empty, we are depleted, run down, angry, unmotivated, and headed for burnout.  I love it every time I fly when the flight attendants remind us to put the oxygen mask on ourselves first, before others or children.  Why so?  We can’t help anyone else if we aren’t alive to do so!

If you resonate with this, you may feel that you are playing small, hiding out, are burned out, or are settling by caving into these cultural expectations.  What I can tell you is that you are not alone, I have been there, and millions of other women are there or have been there too.  You have come to the right place.  I am here to help!

What I have found from my personal experience as well as working with clients is that learning how to be true to yourself and how to create a life you love must first begin with questioning & replacing some of the cultural dis-empowering beliefs we were taught to believe with empowering beliefs that affirm life giving attitudes like being true to ourselves.   Also, we must learn self-compassion,  self-forgiveness & unconditional self-acceptance which assists us in giving ourselves permission to honor ourselves and our dreams.

When you learn that being true to yourself is one of the greatest paths you can take toward living a life you love AND serving humanity, then you will see that everyone truly wins.  Also, once you have developed unconditional self-acceptance, your self-worth & self-esteem are no longer on the line if you fail, are judged or are rejected.

With unconditional self-acceptance, risking being vulnerable, authentic and being true to yourself is no longer so terrifying, and, therefore, you are no longer stopped from pursuing your dreams.   When you know on a deep level that you really are acceptable then you know you will accept yourself no matter what!

By creating this new nurturing relationship with yourself, you will then have the necessary foundation to gain the courage and ability to transform any area of your life.  This includes your relationships with others, your career, your money, your health & your well-being.

I share with you the specific concepts, knowledge and techniques that have proven to work for my clients and me.  I also share with you the step by step process that you can begin to implement immediately to build a solid foundation.   I begin by teaching you to develop unconditional self-acceptance, and then how to create a life you love one simple step at a time.

Remember YOLO-You Only Live Once.

Since we only live once (at least in this body), you have nothing to lose by being true to yourself and everything to GAIN!

It is never too late to be true to yourself!  Did you know that Louise Hay didn’t write her first book until she was over 50?

What goal or dream have you given up on due to feeling that it is impossible or too late?

My philosophy is simply this: “What else will you be spending your time on for the next year, five years or twenty-five years?   You might as well enjoy it being true to yourself and doing what you love!

It all starts by taking one tiny step toward being true to yourself!

Don’t be filled with regrets at the end of your life for all the dreams you never pursued. Know that by taking action now toward being true to yourself, you will automatically feel better, and at the end of your life you will be filled with a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment knowing you were true to yourself.  Plus, no matter what happens, or even how far you get, by being true to yourself now, you will finally enjoy the journey and will have the adventure of a lifetime!

What Is Your Next Step?  Start Building Your Support System! 

If you are new to these concepts, or not quite sure what your next step is:


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All the support and guidance you need is available for you.

However, you must meet the Universe half way by being willing to take that first step by allowing yourself to receive it. 

Taking that first step toward being true to myself was the choice I began with, and it has made all the difference in the world!  I hope to connect with you soon!

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Here’s To Being True To YOU!