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Level 2: You Have Made Some Solid Progress Toward Being True To Yourself


As someone who has been on this path and has already made some solid progress toward being true to yourself, I would like to congratulate you for the many steps you have already taken toward honoring yourself!

To continue the momentum you have already made and to take your life satisfaction to the next level, I recommend the following:

1. Commitment to participating in an ongoing nurturing, safe groups or with individual practitioners: It’s important to stay connected to like-minded others on your path by joining an in person or virtual group related to being true to yourself. This will give you the consistent support and the perfect training ground necessary to practice being courageous and vulnerable in a safe environment. If you are looking for one-on-one coaching support with me, feel free to check out my coaching page on my website to learn about my background, my personal story, how I work and to see if I am currently accepting individual clients. I also highly recommend the 12 step program Co-Dependents Anonymous for a safe space where you can learn to be true to yourself. Co-Dependents Anonymous has made a profound difference for me as well in developing a healthier relationship with myself and others. You can find meetings in most areas of the country and world by visiting

2. Practicing the courage to speak your opinion: We begin practicing the courage of being true to ourselves in small baby steps. For example, at first, I began by making a commitment to speak my opinion a minimum of three times per week when I normally wouldn’t. It was really uncomfortable at the time, but now I find it to be much easier and actually enjoy it! It is best to pick something that you have been avoiding due to your fear of being judged or failing. Make sure that when you first practice the courage to be vulnerable, that it is a stretch to where you are uncomfortable, but is not such a huge risk that you would feel devastated if you were met with a negative outcome. Then make a commitment to yourself and to other safe and supportive people that you will practice courage by taking this action and report back on how it went. You will be amazed that by walking through your fears, eventually you won’t have to have them anymore!

3. Practicing reaching out when upset: Reaching out to safe people when you are in pain is one of the most powerful tools you can use. We can only heal our issues with the support of other people. It can’t be done alone. When I first began practicing reaching out to others, I knew I had to be pretty sure that I would be met with compassion and empathy. Therefore, the main thing you need to make sure of is that the people that you share your vulnerable self with will meet you with empathy and compassion vs. judgement or advice giving. Making a conscious effort to connect in groups or one-on-one with other like-minded people is what I have found that has helped me risk sharing on a vulnerable level the most. The other interesting thing that happens each time I have shared more about my journey toward being true to myself, is that more people also feel safe to share something vulnerable about themselves. It’s amazing how when we are willing to practice the courage to be vulnerable with others, it gives others permission to be open and vulnerable with us, and this where the healing begins. Set a goal of reaching out for a one on one conversation when you are upset about something.

4. Asking for what you want: For many of us who have challenges around being true to ourselves, asking directly for what we want or need can be difficult. Making our preferences known or making a request for someone to meet our needs is a form of being vulnerable. What if we get told no? When we were children, many of us were denied each time we asked for what we wanted, or we may have been judged or shamed for even making it known we had a need. We may have decided it wasn’t worth being met with rejection, judgement or shame and gave up on asking. However, unless we become proactive about asking for what we want, we won’t be able to be true to ourselves and therefore won’t be able live a happy and fulfilling life. It’s helpful to recognize that when we were children, we didn’t have the choices and options we do as adults in being able to get our needs met. As with any skill that we are working on, we need to start where there is a slight discomfort when asking for what we want. One way to start is to make a commitment to proactively state your needs to another person. It can be any request such as “I would like to watch this television program, vs. just saying “anything is fine with me”. Therefore whenever there is a choice to be made with another person, make an effort to refrain from defaulting to others’ wishes to making your needs known.

5. Practicing extreme self-care: Although you may have made some progress toward honoring yourself, you likely have areas in your life that could be transformed by learning & refining the Art of Extreme Self Care. I highly recommend Life Coach, Cheryl Richardson’s book and digital audio program: “The Art of Extreme Self-Care.” I have experienced profound growth from Cheryl’s digital audio program and book. Pick an area in your life that is not as satisfying as you would like it to be and make a commitment to take one action per week toward improving your level of satisfaction. You can find more information on her website at:

Congratulations on being committed to being true to yourself by taking this quiz!


1. Make sure you pick and write down each action item that you have decided to take based on your score and level.

2. Put each action item in a task management program, or some type of structure so it will get done and not fall through the cracks.

3. Stay vigilant to keeping your commitment to taking the action steps you chose to be true to yourself, so you will stay on track to creating a life that you love! Taking action is critical in being true to yourself and creating a life you love!

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Here’s to Being True To Yourself & Living a Life You Absolutely LOVE!