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Level 3: You Have Made Some Major Breakthroughs Toward Being True To Yourself!

Congratulations on the dedication you have made toward taking care of yourself and as a result being true to yourself! You have done a fantastic job and should feel really proud of yourself. You are an inspiration to those around you and now you can take your growth to the next level!

It is important to stay the course and keep the structures and practices in place that have taken you this far. Remember that you can’t expect to maintain the same level of fulfillment in your life if you remove the structures that got you there. This is also the perfect opportunity to fine tune your practices in order to continually increase your level of fulfillment and satisfaction in life.

1. Practicing new levels of courage: As a more experienced student of being true to yourself, it is time to stretch into practicing new levels of courage. For example, in the beginning of my “Courage Practice,” I began practicing by making a commitment to speak my opinion a minimum of three times per week when I normally wouldn’t. However, now that I have been on this path for several years, sharing my opinion is easy for me and actually enjoyable. Therefore, I needed to choose a new area to challenge myself. My next new level of practicing courage was to post my opinion on topics that interested me on Facebook, and to launch my in-person group: “Daring Greatly Women’s Sacred Circle,” and then launching my own website You need to start small so you can gradually build your confidence, and then you will be ready to go after new and more challenging goals. Choose something that is currently beyond your comfort zone. Then make a commitment to yourself and to another safe and supportive person or group that you will practice courage by taking this action and report back on how it went.

2. Practicing new levels of reaching out: Reaching out to safe people when you are in pain is one of the most powerful tools you can utilize, since we can only heal our issues with the support of other people. It can’t be done alone. I know I had to be pretty sure that I would be met with compassion and empathy when I was going to be vulnerable by sharing my pain with another person. The main thing I did was to make sure that the people that I shared vulnerable things with would meet me with empathy and compassion vs. judgement or advice giving. Making a conscious effort to connect in groups or one-on-one with other like-minded people is what I have found that has helped me heal the most. The other interesting thing that happens each time I share more about my journey toward being more true to myself, is that more people also share that they are doing similar personal growth work too! It is so amazing how we tend to attract people that are so similar to us. The key to connecting with them is to be courageous and take a risk by being vulnerable by sharing. Make a commitment to reach out to one new group or person per week until you feel you have the level of safe friends and support you desire.

3. Raising your standards: Ask yourself the following question: What have I been tolerating in my life? Tolerations are like energy drains that continue to suck your energy until you handle them. We handle tolerations by raising our standards and making a commitment to resolving them. List 1-3 things that you know you are tolerating or that bug you. It can be as small as an annoying faucet dripping, a spouse not holding up their household duties, or being sick of feeling bad about your appearance due to your wardrobe being outdated or shabby. Pick one item a week that you consider a toleration and take one action to resolve it. Be sure to tell a friend, group member or family member about this commitment so you can be accountable for it by reporting back on how it went.

4. Setting healthy boundaries: In order to be true to ourselves we need to feel safe that our personal and emotional boundaries are in place and enforced. If your boundaries are violated you will feel angry, violated or betrayed. Reflect on what areas of your life you feel that you continually feel angry, violated or betrayed. Typically, these are areas that you would be served by having healthier boundaries in. This could be at work, at home or with your relatives. Choose an area that is a stretch, but not an overwhelming stretch. Make a commitment to take one action per week on establishing a new boundary and be sure to tell a friend you are doing it so you can be accountable by reporting back how it went.

5. Practicing new levels of extreme self-care: Although you may have made major progress toward honoring yourself, you likely still have some areas in your life that could be transformed by fine tuning your Extreme Self Care practice. Take a look at an area of your life that is still bothering you. It may be your physical well-being, your emotional well-being, your level of satisfaction in your relationships, or something else.

Also, if you haven’t read or listened to Cheryl Richardson’s book or audio digital download, “The Art of Extreme Self Care” I highly recommend it. It is the best tool I have found to increase my well-being which is a critical piece of being true to yourself.  I have experienced profound personal growth from both Cheryl’s digital audio program and book. Think of an area in your life that you have tried to change over and over again without success, and that you have given up on.  Do some writing or journaling on this topic and then reach out to a therapist or safe friend to discuss it.  Sometimes just by sharing your heart with another about a long term struggle can yield amazing levels of clarity leading to a resolution.

Congratulations on being committed to being true to yourself by taking this quiz!


1. Make sure you pick and write down each action item that you have decided to take based on your score and level.

2. Put each action item in a task management program, or some type of structure so it will get done and not fall through the cracks.

3. Stay vigilant to keeping your commitment to taking the action steps you chose to be true to yourself, so you will stay on track to creating a life that you love! Taking action is critical in being true to yourself and creating a life you love!

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Here’s to Being True To Yourself & Living a Life You Absolutely LOVE!