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What Are The Different Causes Of Childhood PTSD?

5 Years Old At Santa’s Village. I remember my sister begging my mom to not allow me go to Santa’s Village dressed as a cowboy since she would be so embarrassed to be seen with me. But I held out and won the battle for being my authentic self!

It has been proven through extensive research on childhood PTSD through the ACE study as well as many other studies, that if children are subjected to being raised in an unpredictable, chaotic, chronically stressful home, their young developing brains, nervous systems, bodies and psyches can be significantly altered causing childhood PTSD.  

Unless childhood PTSD is diagnosed and treated, the ACE Study (Adverse Childhood Experiences Study) revealed that the symptoms of it will persist throughout a person’s entire lifespan. 

Types of adversity proven to cause childhood PTSD include:

Abuse & Neglect Including:

  • Emotional neglect
  • Emotional abuse
  • Physical neglect
  • Physical abuse
  • Sexual abuse

Household Dysfunction Including:

  • Alcoholism or drug addiction
  • Mental illness
  • Witnessing parents who emotionally and/or physically abuse each other
  • Experiencing parent’s separation or divorce
  • Experiencing a parent’s death
  • Experiencing a relatives incarceration


But Wait…


You may wonder….

How could I have childhood PTSD if I was never

physically or sexually abused?



My childhood PTSD was not caused by physical or sexual abuse.  It was caused by severe emotional neglect and abuse.


8 years old. A few years after the bullying over my weight had begun at school and my mother’s drinking was getting really bad.

I experienced chronic emotional neglect by being raised by an anxious, depressed, angry, alcoholic mother who would rage at my dad on a regular basis, and an emotionally absent father who would cope with my mother’s rage by eating, shutting down or leaving the family on a regular basis.

I experienced chronic emotional abuse by being shamed on a regular basis by my mother for simply having needs or for not putting her or other’s needs first.  I also was emotionally abused by being forced to witness my mother emotionally abusing & shaming my father throughout my childhood.  In addition, I experienced emotional abuse by being bullied (and not protected by my parents or other adults) for being a fat kid by my classmates between the ages of 6-15.

How Those Of Us Whose Childhood PTSD Was Caused By Emotional Abuse
& Emotional Neglect Often Go Un-Diagnosed & Therefore Untreated

Abuse and neglect can come in many forms.  The more obvious types of childhood abuse that cause childhood PTSD, such as physical and sexual abuse are typically the ones that the general population along with the mental health community associate with what causes childhood PTSD.   

For those of us whose childhood PTSD was not caused by physical or sexual abuse, but by emotional neglect and/or emotional abuse, our childhood PTSD often gets overlooked, and we therefore remain un-diagnosed by the mental health and medical communities, and therefore remain untreated, leaving us to suffer with having to live with devastating fallout of childhood PTSD.

Being overlooked by the mental health and the medical community as someone who is likely suffering from childhood PTSD is why it took me so long to discover that my issues with food addiction, and my later addiction to alcohol was driven by a brain, body and mind that had been injured by childhood PTSD.


Getting Re-Traumatized By Our Families & Culture By Being Accused Of Being Weak Willed
Or As Being Losers For Not Being Able To Control Our Food Or Our Weight

To add even more insult to the injury of having childhood PTSD, we are then told by our family and our culture that our problem with food, obesity or the many other common addictions that we may also be afflicted with are due to us being weak willed, lazy, or having a weak moral character.  As I began to get re-traumatized by my family and the overall culture beginning at age six, it triggered so much shame for me that I needed to eat more to soothe my emotional pain.  Hence, the horrific cycle of shame, needing to eat to soothe my pain, gaining more and more weight, and the beat went on, and on and on. 

Even If A Parent Does Not Intentionally Hurt You As A Child, It Does Not Mean You Were Not Hurt Or Traumatized

My childhood PTSD was caused by the emotional neglect and emotional abuse I experienced by being raised by a mother and a father who both had unresolved childhood PTSD due to the emotional neglect and abuse they experienced in their childhood.  

My mother did not intend to neglect or abuse me, or to develop anxiety, depression or abuse my father or abuse alcohol.  She was simply parenting me how she was parented and was coping the way her parents coped, which was the best way she knew how. 

My father did not intent to abuse or neglect me, or to cope by using food, shutting down or needing to physically leave when he became overwhelmed by my mother’s abuse.  He was also parenting me and coping the way his parents coped which was the best way he knew how.

Therefore, just like my parents, I did not intend to abuse myself through overeating, or over-using alcohol or smoking cigarettes  when I grew up.  I was also coping how my parents coped, which was the best way I knew how.

This lack of awareness in the mental health, medical and in the general population about the fact that emotional abuse and neglect actually cause childhood PTSD is why I believe so many people don’t consider themselves to have childhood trauma.  Without having the knowledge of the root cause of their suffering, the core solution will forever elude them.

This is why millions of people in our world are needlessly suffering with the various addictions, chronic mental and physical illnesses, as well as the chronic pain and relationship difficulties that are associated with unresolved childhood PTSD.  

Due to this critical information about the cause and treatments for childhood PTSD not getting out there, or not being believed, so many people are needlessly struggling and suffering with puzzling, life threatening eating disorders, morbid obesity and the many other addictions, illnesses & relationship problems associated with undiagnosed and untreated childhood PTSD.


Every child has specific needs that must be met in childhood in order for them to have the capacity to develop into a healthy, happy adults


If these critical emotional, physical & environmental needs go unmet, a child becomes extremely vulnerable to developing childhood PTSD


Basic Childhood Needs In Order For Your Brain, Body and Mind To Develop Properly:


  1. Be nurtured by a caring, calm, present, emotionally healthy attuned, primary caregiver
  2. Have safe, calm, nurturing environment to grow up in.
  3. Feel safe in expressing emotional needs, and having them met by a calm, caring, attuned, parent or caregiver
  4. Feel encouraged and safe to explore the world, take risks and know that you will always be loved no matter what.
  5. Witness healthy interactions with adult caregivers
  6. Feel protected and that your family members have your back
  7. Feel safe to bring your struggles, failures, and shame to a caregiver that will provide unconditional positive regard


Although my childhood PTSD was caused by the toxic stress
I was forced to live in at the hands of my parents…


I also realized that my parents were raised in just as crazy and traumatic environments as I was, and were therefore parenting me how they were trained to parent 


They coped and parented me the same way their parents learned to cope and parent.  They did the best they could.  This is not to say that getting in touch with your anger and grief for what you went though is not necessary.  On the contrary, I have found that we absolutely must fully experience our anger toward those who hurt us and grieve the losses we experienced in childhood and as an adult as result of being traumatized in order to fully heal.  What I highly recommend is doing it with a trauma based therapist.

The good news is that recovery from your struggle with anxiety, depression, addiction, food, weight and your body caused by childhood PTSD is possible because it has happened to me!


The Decades Long War With Anxiety, Addiction, Food & Weight Is Finally

OVER & With The Right, Consistent Support

It Can Be Over For You Too! 



How Can You Get Started Healing Your Childhood PTSD?

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