Do You Long To Make A Difference & Thrive vs. Settling & Surviving With Your Work or Organization?

Feeling Stuck or Unfulfilled With Your Work or Business?

Are you finding yourself stuck in your career, or business or figuring out “how” to live your purpose while earning a living,? The good news is you don’t have to be anymore!  I was stuck too until I learned I’d been suffering from unhealed complex PTSD and got the support I needed to heal, which resulted in my finally finding my purpose in helping survivors heal and thrive in their personal and professional lives.

Ready to write or finish the book, program, or project you’ve been stalled out on?  

I’ve been there and can coach you to take your book or project to the finish line!  After being stalled out for five years with finishing the manuscript for a book I knew could help potentially millions of people, I got the support I needed and am proud I get to say that I’m finally a published author! I can walk you through every step I’ve taken to take my book It’s Not About Food, Drugs, or Alcohol: It’s About Healing Complex PTSD to the finish line.

I can help you to uncover the root cause of what is keeping you stuck and we work together on getting you freed up to finish your book, or project, or get your business and/or career on track so you can live your passion and fulfill your purpose.

Are You A Mental or Behavioral Health Company Struggling To Grow or Protect Your Market Share?

You can end the struggle by accessing my support! I have an extensive background as an award winning mental and behavioral health business development executive.  I’m passionate about growing companies dedicated to providing evidence-based mental and behavioral health healing and recovery programs, services and products.

I’ve worked with small, medium and large companies as well as with individual practitioners in the mental and behavioral health fields.

Together we can design a plan to get your career, company or business on track to make the difference you’re committed to making while generating the revenue necessary to remain a viable company or organization.

Have You Ever Wondered…

  • How To Get Clarity On Determining Your or Your Company’s Unique Purpose and Message?
  • How To Get and Stay on Track with Your Business, Book, Project or Career.
  • What Actions Will Be Most Effective To Actually Live Your Calling.
  • How To Make The Money You Need By Living Your Purpose?
  • How To Make The Financial Transition From Your Current Career?
  • How To Create A Balanced Life Doing What You Love, While Also Having The Time and Money You Need?
  • How To Identify & Communicate Your Company’s Unique Selling Proposition In The Mental & Behavioral Health Field.

Need Clarity On The “How’s”?

Breaking through the “how’s” has been so transformational and life changing for me, that I feel compelled to share with you how to get unstuck, moving forward, to do what you love, make the money you need to make, while making the difference you are called to make in the world.

Mid-Life Changes...

… it may feel like the window of time is closing in on you and you feel an urgency to honor your calling while still in this lifetime. You’re at a point where the idea of dying without sharing your unique gift or calling with the world is just something you’re not willing to let happen. By reaching out for support you can access the clarity and power you need to finally live your dream.


You also may have a difficult time being able to see how you can transition into an entirely different industry or career at this point in your life due to money concerns or the current circumstances in your life. I know, I was there. However, I have made the journey and am now here to guide you in doing so too!

You're Not Alone...

Please know that no matter where you are on this journey, you are not alone! I have been in all of the above scenarios and millions of people have been or still are feeling stuck, frustrated and alone in this struggle. However, I am proof that it is possible to live your highest calling!

How I Work With Clients & Companies

As a complex trauma recovery business coach I provide a safe, compassionate space for you as we work together at a pace you’re comfortable with to uncover what’s keeping you stuck with your struggle with your work, life purpose, business or other common issues survivors struggle with.  

I offer coaching and consulting sessions over the phone or via Zoom to help you get freed up to live your life free from the shackles of unhealed trauma symptoms so you and/or  your company can thrive. 

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If you’re stuck in the “what” or “how” to finish your book, project, grow your business or live your purpose, you don’t have to be anymore.

I can help!

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Mary Giuliani
Complex Trauma & Resilience Coach

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