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Complex Trauma Recovery & Resilience Coaching

Welcome to the life where you get to feel safe, seen, heard, and know that you matter. This is the life where you get to reconnect to yourself and others and know that you’re loved. It’s the life that’s been calling you in whispers for years.

I’ve been a Master Certified coach for over 20 years. Since learning that my most difficult struggles in life were rooted in unhealed complex PTSD and experiencing profound transformation in every area of my life from healing my CPTSD, I’ve shifted my coaching practice to working exclusively with adult trauma survivors.  

As your trauma recovery and resilience coach, I provide a safe, compassionate space as we work together to heal the root cause of your struggle with food, weight, substances, self-confidence, relationships, and/or work by healing your underlying trauma.

By healing your trauma you;ll no longer feel the need to use food, substances or other behaviors to numb or self-medicate.  And once you get freed up from the shackles of trauma an entire new world opens up for you to pursue living a life you love.

I Offer Two Primary Types of Coaching

To provide optimal support and to honor my own self-care, I’ve limited my coaching practice to working with a handful of individual clients. I currently have openings to work with a few additional clients who need support with:

Professional Training & Coaching Designations:

Mary Giuliani's Master Certified Coach Certificate
I earned my Master Certified Coach-MCC designation through the International Coaches Federation-ICF in 1999.
Mary Giuliani's Certified Professional Personal Coach Certification
I earned my Certified Professional Personal Coach-CPPC designation through the Coaches Training Institute-CTI in 1996.

Ready To End Your Struggle With Food, Weight, Substances, Work or Relationships? I’ve been there & I can help!

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Mary Giuliani
Complex Trauma & Resilience Coach

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