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Mary Wins "The Podcast Entrepreneur of The Year Award" For Her Podcast, Mary Giuliani LIVE

Mary Giuliani is a keynote speaker, award winning author, podcaster, and seminar leader specializing in supporting survivors in healing from complex PTSD, achieving long-term recovery with food, weight, drugs, and alcohol – resulting in them reconnecting with themselves and others and turning their pain into power and purpose.

Mary blends compassion, humor, and science-based research creating a safe, heart-opening space for her audience to open up to the possibility that their struggles with relationships, food or substances are not their fault, and that healing from C-PTSD (the root cause) is what makes sustainable recovery possible.

Mary speaks from her lived experience as a survivor in long-term recovery from CPTSD and her past struggle with food, severe obesity, alcohol, drugs, and difficulty with close relationships.

She is the author of Amazon best seller, It’s Not About Food, Drugs or Alcohol: It’s About Healing Complex PTSD A blending of memoir, science-based research, and a compassionate complex PTSD workbook and recovery guide. She also won Live, Love, Thrive’s  Entrepreneur of the Year award for her transformational talk show, Mary Giuliani LIVE.

Mary earned her MCC – Master Certified Coach designation through the International Coaching Federation-ICF in 1999, and has been a coach, speaker and seminar leader for over two decades.

Mary speaks in person and online at conferences and events and also presents seminars on various topics related to the link between complex PTSD, AKA childhood trauma and difficulty with close relationships, food, weight and substances and how to heal, recover and thrive.


Topics Mary Speaks On:

  • How Hidden Trauma Drives Addiction, Obesity & Failed Relationships & How To Recover
  • Childhood Trauma Is Relational Trauma: Healing The Ability To Connect With Yourself and Others
  • Addiction Is An Attempt At A Solution: The Undeniable Link Between Childhood Trauma, Addiction, Obesity & How To Heal The Root Cause
  • How My ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) Score Predicted My Future & How I Healed
  • Codependency: A Trauma Response: Healing Codependency By Healing Relational Trauma
  • How Emotional Neglect & Abuse In Childhood Changes A Child’s Brain & Ability To Cope For Life Unless Interventions Are Made
  • How To Calm Your Nervous System Down, So You Don’t Have To Medicate With Food, Drugs, or Alcohol
  • How To Transition From Nurturing Yourself With Food, Drugs & Alcohol To Nurturing Yourself With Self Compassion & Healthy Relationships
  • How To Create a Self-Loving Relationship With Food, Your Body & Maintain A Healthy Weight For Life
  • Using Healthy Boundaries vs. An Overweight Body To Feel Safe & Secure
  • Homophobia: How It Traumatizes LGBTQ+ People & How To Heal
  • Religious Trauma: How To Recognize The Signs & How To Recover

Mary’s Expertise & Passion:

  • Mary specializes in speaking about the direct link between ACEs (adverse childhood experiences), complex PTSD, and struggles with food, weight, substances, relationships, and mood disorders. She provides a plethora of resources for survivors to access the best trauma-informed methods for healing from C-PTSD and recovering from addiction, obesity, and codependency.
  • Mary draws from her hero’s journey of healing from CPTSD and recovering from addiction, severe obesity, and codependency. She openly shares her lived experience of surviving being raised in a chaotic alcoholic home, being bullied as an overweight child, coming out as a lesbian in the homophobic 70s, and how she recovered from her struggle with food, severe obesity, alcohol, drugs, shame, and difficulty with close relationships by healing the complex PTSD that drove them.
  • Mary speaks about how stigma and shame prevent survivors from seeking treatment for complex PTSD, addiction, obesity, and mental health disorders–and how to heal the shame preventing them from getting on a healing and recovery path.
  • Mary is a fierce advocate for ending the stigma of obesity, addiction, and mental health disorders by providing science-based evidence of their direct link to ACEs (adverse childhood experiences) that result in survivors developing complex PTSD.

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