I'm a Trauma Survivor Who's Thriving & You Can Be Too!

After a 40 year struggle with anxiety, attention, morbid obesity, relationships & alcohol I discovered the root cause of my struggles & finally found a permanent solution and you can too!


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Topics Mary Speaks On:

  • How Emotional Neglect & Abuse In Childhood Change A Child’s Brain & Ability To Cope For Life Unless Interventions Are Made
  • How To Calm Your Nervous System Down So You Don’t Have To Medicate With Food, Drugs or Alcohol
  • Why Am I Still Overweight & Hating My Body? How To Avoid The 3 Massive Mistakes Women Make That Keep Them From Achieving & Maintaining A Healthy Weight For Life
  • Addiction Is An Attempt At A Solution: The Undeniable Link Between Childhood PTSD,  Alcohol & Drug Addiction, Obesity, & Key Evidence Based Solutions To Heal & Replace Addictive Patterns With Self Nurturing Ones
  • How To Transition From Nurturing Yourself With Food, Drugs & Alcohol To Nurturing Yourself With Self Compassion & Healthy Relationships
  • How To Create a Self-Loving Relationship With Food, Your Body & Maintain A Healthy Weight For Life
  • How To Use Healthy Boundaries vs An Overweight Body To Feel Safe & Secure


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