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For the past 25 years, I have dedicated my personal and professional life to the importance of listening to your heart, being true to yourself, and creating a life you truly love.  

I have discovered that listening to our hearts and being true to ourselves are the very traits we must embrace for us to make our greatest contribution to the world. If you think about it, all of the great artists, writers, scientists and philosophers of our time made their most significant contributions to the world by being true to themselves. Therefore, listening to your heart, being true to yourself and making your needs your number one priority are actually the greatest acts of service you can make to the world!  

Once I really “got” and embraced these concepts on a deep level, my life began to transform in amazing ways. My life today is literally unrecognizable compared to where I was before I embraced this truth. I am here to share with you my story and the practical tools and resources that I have used to change my life with the hope that they will also help you to transform yours. My goal is to assist you in developing the courage to be true to yourself, listen to your heart and create a life you absolutely love!


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More About Mary

Mary’s Professional Background:

I have been a life coach and a business coach for over 20 years. I have worked with hundreds of individual clients and have facilitated dozens of group coaching programs that have empowered clients to take their lives and businesses to whole new levels of success and fulfillment. I have also been a law of attraction student and coach for over 20 years and integrate law of attraction principles into all of my coaching methods.

I earned my Certified Professional Personal Coach-CPPC designation through the Coaches Training Institute-CTI in 1996. 

I earned my Master Certified Coach-MCC designation through the International Coaches Federation-ICF in 1999..




Mary’s Personal Background:

For details of my personal background, my story and life experience visit my coaching services page.

What Being True To Yourself

Means and Does Not Mean

Being true to yourself does not mean that you are selfish, inconsiderate, rude or disrespectful of others. It does mean that you will not allow others to guilt, shame you or manipulate you into acting against your wishes or values.

When you are not true to yourself and you do things that are not a reflection of your values or your authentic self, you will not be happy with yourself or your life. Unhappy people tend to spread their unhappiness by contributing to the problems of the world. Happy people tend to spread their happiness by contributing to the solutions of the world.

The great teachers, mentors and artists of our time have made enormous contributions to humanity. Think of how different your life would be if your heroes and mentors had not been true to themselves.

Being true to yourself does not mean that you will never put someone else’s needs before your own.  It does mean that you will not put someone else’s needs before your own if it will cause you to abandon or betray yourself.

Those who are most successful and fulfilled in life have gained the courage to be true to themselves, and as a result, they develop their unique gifts and talents. They then inspire and give permission to all they touch also to be true to themselves.

When you are true to yourself you naturally respect yourself, and as a result others will respect you too.

To be true to yourself you must know, love and accept yourself. You can’t love or accept others until you know, love and accept yourself.

Being True To Yourself & Sharing Your Authentic Voice With The World:

I believe that being true to ourselves and sharing our authentic voice with the world is the most courageous thing we will ever do.

What I know today from first hand experience is that I either must be true to myself and share my authentic voice with the world, or the internal conflict I experience becomes so painful that it causes me to numb my pain with unhealthy attitudes and/or choices that sabotage my joy, creativity,  as well as my connection to myself and others.

I believe that this is true for everyone.  Every time we dishonor ourselves and shut down the voice of our heart, a little piece of us dies.   Our unprocessed pain has to find an outlet and will show up in many ways.  It can manifest as anxiety, depression, addictions to alcohol, drugs, food, constant activity, work, negativity, sex, internet browsing, chronic illness and eventually death.

The bottom line is unless we are true to ourselves and deal with the messages that our pain is trying to teach us the Universe will kick our butts until we do!  It’s as if the Universe has set a mandate for all humans to either claim your happiness by being true to ourselves, or we’ll get sick, depressed, anxious, miserable, addicted or die a slow, painful death.  I don’t know about you, but today I’m choosing to be true to myself and creating an amazing, wonderful life!

The following are just a few of my favorite teachers that have had a profound impact on my life and that I have been passionate about studying over the past 30 years.  Oprah Winfrey, Law of Attraction teacher, Esther Hicks, Cheryl Richardson, Byron Katie, Wayne Dyer, Ph.D., David Hawkins, Ph.D., Tara Brach, Ph.D., Kyle Cease & Brene Brown, Ph.D.

What Do My Friends Say About Me?  She’s fun, enthusiastic, loves adventure, is committed to being true to herself and following her heart.   She’s an exponential learner, a constant experimenter, and has a passion for personal and spiritual growth.  She loves psychology, learning, growing and gaining knowledge & wisdom.   She’s an innovator, loves to fix things and figure things out. She loves deep philosophical conversations.  She loves making a profound positive difference in people’s lives by sharing what has worked for her.  She loves futurism, is a tech geek and an online marketing geek.

Finding & Giving Purpose To My Past:  Out of experiencing such profound, life-changing, personal and spiritual growth through the journey I have been on, I have felt compelled to give purpose to my past by sharing what I have learned to help others by sharing My Story and what has worked to help me create a life I love.  I believe the most powerful gift any of us can give the world is to share our story.  After all, I am where I am today due to all of the stories that have inspired me to never give up on myself or my dreams.

No matter where you are, what you have done, or what you have
to work with, there is hope that you can turn your life around and give
purpose to your past.  I know because it has happened to me..

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