Thanks for your interest in working with me as your coach.

Below is an overview of how I work with clients and answers to common questions about my coaching work.

What Is Trauma Recovery and Resilience Coaching?

  • As a complex trauma recovery and resilience coach, I bring a deep understanding of complex trauma and a plethora of compassion, tools, tips, and resources on how to heal the root cause of its various symptoms–struggles with food, weight, substances, self-defeating behaviors, work, and/or difficulty in forging or maintaining close relationships.
  • I provide a safe, non-judgmental space while guiding you to respond to and overcome the common challenges survivors face so you can get freed up to live a life you love.
  • My coaching style puts your agenda as the primary focus. We work at a pace you’re comfortable with while, at the same time, (to facilitate healing) I will gently guide you to slowly stretch outside of your comfort zone. If you feel my requests to stretch outside your comfort zone are too overwhelming or uncomfortable, we will work together to find a pace that works for you. 

Where Does the Coaching Take Place?

  • We work either over the phone or through Facetime or Zoom.

How Often Will Coaching Sessions Occur?

  • Our coaching sessions will last for 45 minutes and will occur once per week, with a total of 4 sessions per month. 

Can You Book One Session At A Time, or Do I Require A Longer Term Commitment?

  • Healing trauma and its various symptoms–struggles with food, weight, substances, self-defeating behaviors, work, and/or difficulty in forging or maintaining close relationships takes time.
  • To experience optimal trauma healing and recover from its various symptoms, thereby making lasting, sustainable changes in your life, you must be willing to commit to the healing and recovery process. This is why I require a three-month minimum commitment to begin coaching with me. After the initial three-month period, we will transition into a month-to-month coaching relationship.

What Are My Fees?

  • The fees for my coaching services are $195.00 per 45-minute phone session. Phone or Zoom sessions will occur 1 time per week, with a total of 4 sessions per month.
  • A fee of $780.00 (4 sessions) is to be paid monthly in advance by credit or debit card before the beginning of our coaching relationship and then on the last day of the month before the upcoming month of coaching services.  
  • For months with 5 weeks, we will not have a fifth session. If you would like to have a session on the 5th week of the month, there will be an additional $195.00 fee.
  • Coaching fees are collected by being automatically charged to the client’s credit or debit card on file each month. 

What Do You Need To Do To Get Started Working With Me As Your Coach?

  • To provide you with the best outcome in healing from C-PTSD and recovering from its various symptoms, it’s essential to make sure I am a good fit for you as a coach. Therefore, I require all potential clients to complete a brief application.
  • If you would like to apply to work with me as your coach, please click on the below link:

Upon submission of your application, Mary will review it and respond within three business days.

I appreciate your interest in working with me. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

For more information about me and how I work with coaching clients, visit: https://marygiuliani.net/trauma-coaching/


Thank You!

Mary Giuliani
Complex Trauma & Resilience Coach

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