Link Between Childhood Trauma and Adult Illnesses: Sheila Rubin, LMFT

I had a riveting conversation with Sheila Rubin, LMFT about developmental trauma (which is a term I just found out about four months ago.)  Developmental Trauma is a type of trauma from being raised in a dysfunctional home.  I have recently been interested in this topic after reading Bessell Van der Kolk, M.D’s book The Body Keeps The Score-Brain, Mind and Body In The Healing Of Trauma.   His book really helped me understand why I was still struggling with certain issues in my life & why what I was doing wasn’t working to fix or heal them.  In this episode, Sheila shares about this type of trauma and what specific healing modalities we can use to heal the issue at it’s core.

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Mary Giuliani has a 25-year background as a Master Certified Coach, and is a keynote speaker, author, and seminar leader specializing in supporting survivors in healing from complex trauma and achieving long-term recovery with food, weight, and substances. She has a passion for supporting survivors in learning how to connect with themselves and others in healthy, fulfilling relationships and how to turn their pain into power and purpose.

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