Tired Of Struggling With Finding or Maintaining Intimate Relationships?

Author, Kathy Brous, Don’t Try This Alone: The Silent Epidemic of Attachment Disorder

I had such an amazing chat with Kathy about her hero’s journey after discovering some intense pain from early childhood  to finding true freedom and wholeness.  After a cascade of five live crises within two years, Kathy hit a painful emotional bottom and discovered she was suffering from an attachment disorder.  An attachment disorder is a brain, body and mind based condition potentially affecting almost half the US population.caused by traumatic stress in the first three years of life.  Attachment disorder correlates with the nation’s 50 percent divorce rate and widespread mental health issues. However, no one talks about its prevalence, and hence so many sufferers go untreated, forced to live with their pain in silence—without a hint of its cause.  If you had a difficult childhood and/or are struggling with finding or maintaining intimate relationships check out this interview.  For more info visit:  attachmentdisorderhealing.com/

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Mary Giuliani has a 25-year background as a Master Certified Coach, and is a keynote speaker, author, and seminar leader specializing in supporting survivors in healing from complex trauma and achieving long-term recovery with food, weight, and substances. She has a passion for supporting survivors in learning how to connect with themselves and others in healthy, fulfilling relationships and how to turn their pain into power and purpose.

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