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Mary Giuliani LIVE is all about the conversation of transformation.  I interview different transformational thought leaders each week in order to help viewers glean nuggets of wisdom that they can take action on in their day to day lives in order to realize their deepest desires and highest callings.

I also offer book, seminar, web portal, and podcast reviews so my viewers can get to the really juicy transformational content first.

My intention in offering this show is to  create an authentic connection with my guests that facilitates powerful insights and that catalyzes  real transformation for viewers.

In addition, I also share my insights and my personal story of healing and transformation as it relates to the topics and guests I will be interviewing.  I believe that being real and vulnerable adds a level of relatability to the show to where viewers will feel that they are not alone, no matter what they have done or what they have been through and that they are in a safe space by interacting with my guests and me.

Since this is a live show, I am able to field questions for my guests or questions for me during the show in real time since there is LIVE chat available to all viewers through the Chat app, right here on this page on my website.  

Therefore please chat out your questions during the live show!  It is a great opportunity to get the support you deserve by asking the experts your burning questions.